Why should I use eCMR?

eCMR will save you money and make your life easier.

You can save time, space, and have better competitiveness and cash flow.

You can integrate eCMR with other systems and make the whole process easier.

You will never lose a consignment note again and it will always be readable.

You can add reservations and various other documents to the consignment notes for better documentation.


How much does eCMR cost?

Each consignment note costs only 0.1 Euros. There is an annual fee of 100 Euros plus a starting fee of 70 Euros.


How much data does eCMR use?

Our tests have shown that eCMR uses about 300 kB of data per consignment note on average.


Will I be informed when the goods are delivered?

Yes, eCMR advises you every time there is a new event. You also get proof of delivery.


Is eCMR safe to use?

Yes, your data are safely backed up on eCMR's servers.


Can I print from eCMR?

Yes, you can always print consignment notes if needed.


What do I need to get started?

A computer with an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet.


Can I use eCMR on my smartphone?

Yes, we support Android and iOS.


Is it difficult to use eCMR?

Absolutely not! Both the web interface and the apps are very intuitive and easy-to-use. eCMR is available in many languages.


I want to know more! Who should I contact?

Please contact:

Henning Nørgaard


Transport IT


Tlf. +45 7430 3353

Mobile: +45 4096 5628

Mail: hn@itd.dk