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Let there be no more old, crumpled consignment notes, which are at risk of being lost on your way through Europe.


With eCMR you are always in control of the consignment notes, they never disappear and the freight company as well as the customers and drivers benefit from the electronic solution. At the same time, they are easy to create, as the system saves all the standard information every time.


The customers of the freight companies are also able to create the consignment notes themselves, and if the characteristics of a transport change on the road and the driver must carry other goods, the freight company is immediately able to send a new consignment letter, which is to find on the driver'’s smart phone at the same moment.


The eCMR system from ITD has many other functions as reporting of irregularities, damage or delays, just to name a few.


The price is 100 Euros€ annually plus a fee of just 10 Eurocents per consignment note, which gives a saving compared to the paper version.



You get the following benefits

  • Full control of the consignment notes
  • They never disappear
  • You can track the drivers and goods on their way
  • It is faster then the old paper CMR
  • Cheaper than the paper CMR
  • Reporting of irregularities, damage or delays



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